MacOS App: Sophie – Carthage GUI Client

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Sophie is a new GUI Client to manage Carthage dependencies. It allows you to run Carthage scripts with just a click of your mouse.


  • Add a new project selecting the folder container a Cartfile.
  • Edit/Remove a project.
  • Double click on a project to open its list of depedencies.
  • Automatic parser of the Cartfile to show the list of dependencies.
  • Add/Edit/Remove a dependencies. It will be update the Cartfile.
  • Run Bootstrap/Update with the possibility to change all the parameters available so far in Carthage.
  • Console to show what's happening in the Carthage script.
  • Section `Help` to help the beginners to master Carthage.
  • Check for latest update of



Version 1.1.0:

  • Updated Credits.
  • Added Link to Github Repo in menu `Go`.
  • Added documentations and tutorials in menu `Help`.
  • Added embedded Carthage (0.28.0) if user doesn't have one in `/usr/local/bin/`.
  • Added internal beta channel. Public soon.
  • Added visual feedback when script is running.
  • Changed icon style in dependencies list.


Click here to download the latest version